Reading Book in the Woods

How to Read

This short article/guide is for people who don't read. I will go through the basics of reading and shed some light on a group of people who I like to call "Voluntary Illiterates" (Vol-Illterates).

PreUnrealPatcher v1.0

While a few assets cooked from the pre-Unreal Engine 4.14 build works right out the bat with Tekken 7, some asset files require patching so that they can work in Tekken 7 otherwise the game will crash. I present to…

TK7TextureVanilla Tool

I wrote a simple tool that extracts textures from Tekken 7.0 (2015) uasset files. Usage Via explorer Drag a uasset file to tk7texturevanilla.exe and the tool will extract the texture. Via command prompt tk7texturevanilla <uasset-file> – Will extract a texture…