PreUnrealPatcher v1.0

While a few assets cooked from the pre-Unreal Engine 4.14 build works right out the bat with Tekken 7, some asset files require patching so that they can work in Tekken 7 otherwise the game will crash. I present to you: “PreUnrealPatcher”.

As of version 1.0 the tool can do the following:

  • Patch SkeletalMeshes to work with Tekken 7
  • Merge uasset and uexp files into a single uasset file

Obviously with Tekken modding there are a few caveats you should be aware of as of version 1.0:

  • If the textures you cooked have .ubulk files then you will have to swap a valid texture uasset file from Tekken to have the custom texture file name and then use the Texture Editor to import your custom texture.
  • Right now Materials and MaterialInstances don’t work
  • StaticMeshes don’t work (I’m working on patching them for the next tool’s release)


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