Tekken 7 Toolkit v0.2.0.0 (New feature: Texture Editor)

A new texture tool is available for download here: https://dennisstanistan.com/blog/345/tekken-7-texture-editor/

A new version of the Tekken 7 toolkit is now out and it includes a texture editor, which you can download from the following link: https://dennisstanistan.com/#tekken7toolkit

Here’s a quick tutorial of how to use it:

Take any .uasset texture file, in this tutorial we will use the file “T_EF_COL_ITM_comic2_battle.uasset” from “Effect\TK75\VerN”

Let’s create a directory that we will then repack, 

Now we will open our texture file:

I created a custom DDS texture in photoshop, now let’s import it by clicking on the “Import texture” button:

Now we will save it to the directory we created earlier:

Now all is left is to repack it and go in-game to test our imported texture:

As usual, let me know if you are having issues with the tool: https://dennisstanistan.com/blog/contact/

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