Tekken 7 – Skeleton Patcher (v1.0.1 update)

I wrote a simple tool that allows & simplifies the process of swapping models from any characters to Alisa/Kazuya and vice versa.

You will need FluffyQuack’s uassetrenamer and the tool needs to be in the same directory where uassetrenamer.exe is, you can get it from here:


Let’s say we want to swap Alisa’s bustier with Chloe’s jacket, we open up our tool:

And select Alisa’s bustier mesh file in “Swap file” selection and then select Chloe’s jacket in “Swap with” selection, after that we need to specify what skeleton we are converting from and what skeleton we want, since Chloe’s jacket skeleton is SKT_CH_base_Skeleton, we will pick that in the “Convert from” drop down, and then we pick “SKT_CH_asa” in the “Convert to” drop down since we want to convert chloe’s jacket to Alisa’s skeleton.


We hit Swap and Patch and the file “SK_CH_asa_bdu_bustier-new.uasset” should now appear where you extracted “T7SkeletonPatcher.exe”

Let me mention the following: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE IT ON CI_ AND CCI_, these are customization files and not mesh files, the tool will only work with mesh files (In the mesh folder).

Alisa has two more meshes for her left and right hand, we swap them as well:

Usually Alisa’s mesh uppers has these param files, be sure to swap them as well.

If you swapped models between characters already then you should know the drill already:

Pack the files into a .pak file and put them in your ~mods folder.

And this is our final result:



Questions & Answers:

Q: I swapped the files but the model is above Alisa/Kazuya as a T-Pose, what do I do?

A: It doesn’t work with every mesh and some FULL_BODY meshes won’t work as well, you just have to trial & error through the mesh files and see what works and what doesn’t.


Q: Does it work with Jack?

A: Locate “SKT_CH_jac.uasset” in “TekkenGame\Content\Character\Item\Meshes\jac” and put a copy of it inside the skeletonData folder and the tool should work with Jack’s skeleton as well.


Q: Application crashes! Help?

A: Here are ways that you can reach me and I can help you: https://dennisstanistan.com/blog/contact/






  • Added error checking


  • Initial Release
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