This simple little tool keeps track of the currently playing animations in-game and will allow you to play them back on Player 1 & 2. The tool works on version 1.14 of the game.

Launch the game, run the tool and go into practice mode or any offline mode (using this online will desync the game). You can start moving around and attacking the opponent and the tool will save every animation into a list.

If you want to play an animation, double click on an item from the list and then click on the button that says “Play animation on Player X”

For example: If we will double click on “kmaa_fighting2(DVD)” (Alisa’s idle animation) from the Player 2 Animations list and click on “Play kmaa_fighting2(DVD) for Player 1” then Alisa’s idle animation will play for Chloe.

Download (444.4 KB)

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