EDIT: my tool is not in development anymore, please download this camera tool cheat table by somberness instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtdJ7xQWG-A

download link is in the description

A tool for manipulating the camera in Soul Calibur 6, works with version 01.01.01 (The latest version as of 31st of October, 2018)

– Soul Calibur 6 (duh)
Game must run in Borderless or windowed mode

How to use
Launch the game, go into training mode and you may hide the HUD by going into the menu and selecting “Display settings”

– F2 – To activate/deactivate the free camera mode
– A || D – To move the camera’s X coordinate
– Q || E – To move the camera’s Y coordinate
– W || S – To move the camera’s Z coordinate
– Up || Down – To rotate the camera’s X
– Left || Right – To rotate the camera’s Y
– Z || X – To rotate teh camera’s Z
– Numpad 0 – To reset the camera to 0, 0, 0

Press F12 or whatever key bind you set in Steam to take a screenshot, the tool’s controls won’t appear in the screenshot.

It may feel weird to control the camera since the movement isn’t relative to the camera’s rotation

Download: https://github.com/DennisStanistan/SC6CameraTool/releases